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African Beats & Pieces

Local Legends

So 18



Einlass: 16:00

Beginn: 16:00

★ African Beats & Pieces ★ is an event series dedicated to the music made in Africa and throughout its diaspora.

With a special focus on contemporary and lesser-known artists, we strive to showcase the diversity of sounds and songs the continent has to offer, doing so through theme-specific parties involving passionate diggers & DJs.

For the second edition of our open-air summer program, we will look at all the African music we love through a specific thematic lens: PEOPLE!

Join us on Festsaal Kreuzberg Biergarten’s outdoor dancefloor as three DJs draw attention to special musicians/singers/producers/labels that they deem to be „Local Legends“. What we mean by that? Names that are well-known and appreciated in their homeland or region but not at all „famous“ in the rest of the country or continent.

In a way, these „Local Legends“ are here to be understood as artists, bands or musical structures that were (or are!) very big at home but never quite „made it“ outside of their own borders for whatever reason: language, musical style, lack of infrastructure, etc.

We’d like to seize the opportunity to avoid playing obvious & over-celebrated figures such as Cesaria Evora, Fela Kuti, Magic System, Youssou N’Dour and other household names that we all already hear everywhere and all the time. Life is indeed too short to hear the same stuff over & over again!

Each guest DJ will pick three legends and play 30 minutes of each legend’s discography, digging as deep as they wish. The party ends with each DJ doing a full hour set showcasing all other legends they would like to (re-)introduce to the audience.

Come with an open mind & leave with sore legs!


16h: Mixanthrope ★ MAELE NDONG (Equatorial Guinea)
16h30: Mixanthrope ★ NICOLE AMOGHO (Gabon)
17h: Disco Vumbi ★ MAULIDI JUMA (Kenya)
17h30: Jon ★ VIS-A-VIS (Ghana)
18h: Mixanthrope ★ LES GARAGISTES (Ivory Coast)
18h30: Disco Vumbi ★ BI KIDUDE (Zanzibar)
19h: Jon ★ PRINCE NICO M’BARGA (Nigeria)
19h30: Disco Vumbi ★ M’BARAKA MWINSHESHE (Tanzania)
20h: Mixanthrope ★ QUEEN JANE (Kenya)
20h30: Jon ★ TABANSI RECORD LABEL (Nigeria)

21h: Disco Vumbi | Local Legends Super-Set
22h: Jon | Local Legends Super-Set
23h: Mixanthrope | Local Legends Super-Set

► Jona Than | BBE Records (Ghana/Germany)
► Disco Vumbi – Alai K | Nyege Tapes (Kenya)
► DJ Mixanthrope (France/Berlin) | African Beats & Pieces

16h-20h | 6€
20h-00h | 8€