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Sa, 23 Sept

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After performing twelve shows in full-capacity theatres among ten countries last summer, the Brazilian musician ALCEU VALENÇA prepares a new European tour for September and October, 2023. The new shows will be available to audiences in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Figueira da Foz, Porto and Lisbon, cities where Valença has faithful fans.

The new show, entitled ALCEU DISPOR (at your disposal), provides a large amount of success titles, with outstanding audition numbers, as to more than 5 million followers on streaming platforms around the globe.

Along with his band, songs written and performed by ALCEU VALENÇA assure the thrilling performances well-known by his public: Anunciação, Tropicana, Coração Bobo, Táxi Lunar, Pelas Ruas que Andei, Girassol, Como Dois Animais, Belle de Jour. The repertoire still includes other classics from the Northeast Brazilian region, such as Baião, O Canto da Ema, Sabiá, Xote das Meninas and Pagode Russo, which sounds as an affirmation of his artistic identity: the music he keeps alive, preserving the tradition of the deepest of a continental country.

His song Belle de Jour counted about 240 million acesses on YouTube along this year, at disposal of a multiple nationality and ever-increasing group of fans all over the world. The permanence of his music and the artistic fidelity to his origins are probably the reasons why Valença has been entitled with the 2022 Latin Grammy Award for Best Portuguese Language Roots Album, his recently released Senhora Estrada.

ALCEU VALENÇA´s band: Tovinho (keyboards), André Julião (acordeon), Zi Ferreira (guitar), Nando Barreto (bass), Cassio Cunha (drums).

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