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Support: Foundling

Mo, 6 Nov

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Since releasing and extensively touring “Sincerely, Future Pollution” (2017) Taylor Kirk has been busy working as a producer on several full-length LP’s, including Joseph Martone’s “Honeybirds” and the sophomore recording “Nightshades” by This Lonesome Paradise. Timber Timbre have quietly released two cassette only EP’s, “I Am Coming To Paris” and “The Dissociation Tapes Volume 1”.

Timber Timbre is finally returning with a new full-length entitled “Lovage” – the most accomplished and engrossing Timber Timbre album to date – which isn’t to say that Taylor Kirk has merely refined his working methods. In fact, “Lovage” is a bona fide masterpiece, as Kirk manages to combine disparate influences that would otherwise seem mutually incompatible. Together with producer-engineer Michael Dubue, he reconciles Brian Wilson’s rich sonic palette with the amused melancholy of Leonard Cohen. When asked about these influences Taylor admits these are certainly touchstones. ”Brian Wilson and Leonard Cohen are among many influences that have come to embody what music is to me.” Kirk admits to revisiting Sun Ra, Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane as well as Italian singers such as Pino Daniele and Paolo Conte, which might explain the cinematic lightness of the new album. “Lovage” will be released on October 6th on [PIAS].

In support of “Lovage”, Timber Timbre will be performing a series of shows in Europe – featuring the new Timber Timbre trio, Mike Dubue (piano, synthesizer, voice), Adam Bradley Schreiber (drums, percussion) and Taylor Kirk (guitar, voice).

Support: Foundling

Erin Lang AKA Foundling to support Timber Timbre on select shows November 2023 in anticipation of the new album ‘Equilibria’

‘Equilibria’ is a beguiling exotic mirage of life and love..

Erin Lang (Montreal/Berlin) AKA Foundling’s new album ‘Equilibria’ follows a thread from the densely textured soundscapes of her previous album to a mirage of a tropical paradise where dreams seem too real, and realities are pulled away by the waves. With layers of wooden percussion, effected saxophone, and vintage synths supporting Lang’s ever soft and soothing vocals, Equilibria is a swirling wander through sticky exotic nights and hot dreams. Touching the exotica of the Les Baxter era, the smooth jazz of SADE and Alice Coltrane’s spiritual psychedelia, Equilibria is full of introspective sunset beach wanders while examining the wounds, the inertia, and the mystique of love.

Lang will be performing with the full band at Festaal Kreuzburg in Berlin, Germany and as a duo for the rest of the Timber Timbre tour with Peter Hanson (USA/Berlin) experimental saxophonist and flute player whose solo project has received critical acclaim. Foundling will be premiering tracks from ‘Equilibria’.

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