Descartable World Tour

Sa, 22 Juni

Festsaal19:00 Einlass20:00 Beginn

Wos emerged as a dominant force in the rap battle scene. This success propelled him into the forefront of urban music in Argentina, marking the inception of his illustrious musical career. In 2019, he ascended to prominence with the release of his highly acclaimed debut album "CARAVANA." Since then, Wos has demonstrated remarkable versatility by traversing various musical genres, including rap, rock, funk, and pop.

The young rapper seamlessly integrates profound reflections on life and society into his artistry. Recognized for his fervent advocacy of human rights, his music emanates a serene essence and features introspective lyrics. Wos prompts listeners to contemplate the rapid pace of the modern world, inviting a more deliberate and conscientious appreciation of existence.

Returning to Berlin for the second time, Wos is set to ignite the stage as part of his highly anticipated 2024 European tour. With the release of his third album, "DESCARTABLE," he embarks on a global journey, commencing with a dynamic performance at Argentina's Racing Club stadium on April 20th. Following this, he will continue on a national tour that will captivate audiences until the European summer. Along the way, he will also enthral crowds in seven Spanish cities, Dublin, London, Copenhagen and Berlin. Then, in September, audiences across the Americas can anticipate an electrifying showcase as he brings his music to life in eight more countries.

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