Baiana System

Baiana System

So, 9 Juni

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BaianaSystem arrives in Europe in June with the explosive energy of Brazilian Carnival.
Tour is part of the programme for the emblematic year in which the collective celebrates its 15th anniversary

With a career that will reach the 15-year mark in 2024 and has consolidated BaianaSystem as one of the most revolutionary organisations in Brazilian music, the collective is taking the "Sambaqui Show" tour to Europe for the first time. The show arrives on the Old Continent after touring the stages of the main festivals and concert halls in Brazil, still carrying the explosive energy that has become traditional at Carnival, wherever the Navio Pirata, BaianaSystem's trio, goes. In this context, if the shows are based on a constant process of metamorphosis, in which the exchange with the public and the transformation of existing materials are the fuel for new creations, the European public can expect a version of "Sambaqui Show" specially designed for the moment. 

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