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Di, 21 Jan

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"Beyond the Shadows of the Dying Sun" 10th Anniversary Tour

Renowned Finnish melodic death metal masters INSOMNIUM are thrilled to announce the "Beyond the Shadows of the Dying Sun" 10th Anniversary Tour, celebrating a decade of their legendary album “Shadows of the Dying Sun”. This landmark tour will take the band across 13 European cities, delivering an unforgettable performance of the album in its entirety with anthems like “While We Sleep,” “Primeval Dark,” and “Ephemeral”, alongside other evergreens. This will be one of the few opportunities to see INSOMNIUM in its original album line-up on stage again, with both Ville Friman and Markus Vanhala on guitars.

As very special guest, OMNIUM GATHERUM will join the tour with an anniversary set of “Beyond” performed in full length. Released in 2013, this 6thstudio album from the Finnish virtuosiis considered a landmark in their discography, featuring fan favorites such as "New Dynamic," "The Unknowing," and "White Palace." 

To round up this epic combo, Texas-based highflyers HINAYANA are joining the line-up for 13 unmatched evenings of melodic death magnificence.

“Shadows of the Dying Sun holds a special place in our blackened hearts. It marked a pivotal moment in our career and pushed us up to a new level,” comments INSOMNIUM’s Niilo Sevänen. “We are excited to bring this album to life on stage in its full glory. Some of these songs have never been played live before.” OMNIUM GATHERUM’s Jukka Pelkonen adds: “The OGs are kicking the year 2025 off with a delightful deliverance by bringing our beloved ’Beyond’ album for you to enjoy live with us. We are very proud to share the stage again with our brothers in Insomnium, who will do the same with their ’Shadows of a Dying Sun’! So be brave, adventurous and come and witness this anniversary extravaganza!”

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