Millenium Parade

Millenium Parade

Who and How Tour 2024

Do, 14 Nov

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MILLENNIUM PARADE is a crew of creatives led by Daiki Tsuneta (King Gnu), merging music, video, digital art and more to make dazzling works capturing the chaotic clash of cultures in modern Tokyo. Started in 2019, the collective brings in different artists from multiple disciplines to create audio and visual experiments.

Notable Japanese collaborators include Sheena Ringo, Chara and Kaho Nakamura among others, while MILLENNIUM PARADE has contributed songs to Neflix’s Ghost In The Shell and the anime feature film Belle.

The next era of MILLENNIUM PARADE finds Tsuneta and company building an even more immersive artistic world. The new chapter of the group begins with the single "GOLDENWEEK" released on May 10, which is the global campaign song for PlayStation PULSE Elite.

"GOLDENWEEK" stands alone as a meditation on dissociating, but will help to define a corner of the collective’s next steps too.

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