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im Biergarten

Baile Funk da BOSSA

So 22



Einlass: 14:00

Beginn: 14:00

Get your ass ready to shake cuz it’s now true: the sound of the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro, so called BAILE FUNK, has now a home Berlin!
The most sensual and involving music genre from Brazil just got a day fully dedicated to it.
DJ DA MATTA and his guests will tell the story of the Funk Carioca from its early stages to the current days: Montagem, Funk 150, Technofunk, Proibidão, Brega Funk, Bate Cabelo, Funk Melody e o Funk Pop.
Come hunger to try the great Brazilian gastronomy with Pastel, Coxinha, Feijoada, Picanha, Brigadeiro and Cookies.
Limited tickets given the current rule. Only 300 tickets available.

ATTENTION: if you are a freaking ridiculous male we kindly ask you to stay home! We will be watching you and our Awarness Team would love to send you home.
We request your attention to the new hygiene rules:
1) The event follows every COVID regulation
2) Everybody should wear masks while at the dance door and transiting from your table to the bar and toilets
3) It is necessary to present a negative COVID test made on the same date. In case you are not able to take the test prior to the event you don’t need to worry as we are making tests available for free at the door of the event. If you have been fully vaccinated you should bring the vaccine proofs accordingly.
4) At the dance floor: everybody needs to wear masks. Drinks and cigarettes are not allowed at the dance floor as wearing masks is the priority.

Artwork: Pedro Pezinho.

Want to know how it all started back in the 80’s / 90`s? So check the set from DA MATTA: