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Breathwork & Alchemy Soundbath

So 19



Einlass: 15:30

Beginn: 16:00

Hello dear soul,

Breathwork & Alchemy Soundbath is going into a new round and we’re over the moon to witness the beautiful that is happening each week as we come together.

To all the parts of us that are craving for love and attention.
To all the parts of us that were under lockdown way before Corona.
In a space, where we can grasp our full potential beyond any limiting beliefs. With the Breath And Spirit Sound as your main guides.

How, you may wonder?

Imagine a space, where you allow your breath to take you on a journey of letting go.
With each inhale, you encounter something new.
With each exhale, you let go something old.

Bathed in the sound of Alchemy Crystal Bowls played by the beautiful @spiritsoundberlin to relax your body on a deep cellular level.

The high vibrations of the sound-bath detoxes and calms the nervous system and enhances the regulation of hormones. This combination of high frequencies and breath opens a new dimension for observing, shifting, transcending.

Are you ready?

15:30 welcome & registration
16:00 – 17:30 breathwork with Nick and Ewa @spiritsoundberlin
17:30 – 18:00 reflection and sharing

Energy exchange:
breathwork journey: 22€
Capacity: 50 ppl


💫 bring yoga mat + blanket

💫 min. 1 liter of water

💫 no phones, no cameras, no pictures while sessions are ongoing

💫 drug and alcohol free space

💫 children are not allowed at this event this time.