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Chico Trujillo presents „Mambo Mundial“

+ Support: La Mula Santa

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Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 20:00

The Kings of Cumbia are back! Chico Trujillo, the Chilean superstars, are celebrating their 20th birthday with a NEW ALBUM „Mambo Mundial“, ready to make the world dance once again to the infectious sounds of cuuuuuumbiaaaaa!

In Chile kennt sie fast jeder: Chico Trujillo haben in ihrem Heimatland bereits mehr als eine halbe Million Fans von der eigenen Musik überzeugt und in ihren Bann gezogen. Die Band füllt jedoch nicht nur zu Hause ganze Stadien, sondern hat sich in den letzten Jahren neben Lateinamerika auch in den USA und Europa stark etabliert. Hier gelten sie als „Latin Gogol Bordello“, und die New York Times nannte sie eine „world class party band“.

Seit Jahren sind Chico Trujillo regelmäßig in ganz Europa auf Tour und haben sich im deutschsprachigen Raum durch ihre sehr tanzbare Musik und ihre mitreißende Bühnenprasenz ein großes Publikum erspielt. Diese Chilenen sind bekannt für ihren alternativen Charakter, ihre Neugier und ihre sympatische Bodenständigkeit.

Die Musik des elfköpfigen Orchesters, die „Nueva Cumbia Chilena“, besteht aus verschiedenen Stilen wie Cumbia, Bolero, Rumba mit vielen andinen Elementen (sogar die Panflöte kommt zum Einsatz) und einem Mix aus Rock, Reggae und Ska.

Die bestens eingespielte Rhythmusgruppe macht ordentlich Druck und die große Bläsersektion heizt ordentlich ein. Und vorne steht mit Volksheld Macha ein Dompteur und ausdrucksstarker Sänger, der mühelos zwischen Hymnen zum Mitsingen, schnellem Sprechgesang und feinfühligen Balladen wechselt.

Chico Trujillo zeichnen sich durch exzellente musikalische Qualität und Vielseitigkeit aus. Mit ihrer Musik ist aber vor allem eins vorprogrammiert: Gute Laune!

≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~ About the new Album „Mambo Mundial“ (End of September)

The Kings of Cumbia are back! Chico Trujillo, the Chilean superstars and “world-class party band” (NY Times) is celebrating their 20thbirthday with a new record and 2 month European tour, ready to make the world dance once again to the infectious sounds of cuuuumbiaaa!

Waaay back in 1999, these former punks turned to the classic sounds of cumbia, and began to dominate the Santiago underground, spawning dozens of next generation cumbia bands in Chile. They soon became the forefathers of the new international cumbia movement, helping the beat flow around the world as they toured non-stop, racking up nearly 50 shows a year in Europe, and 100+ a year back home. The band is led by a near mythical South American frontman, Aldo Asenjo–aka Macha–who was recently touted as the best frontman and the most important musician of his generation in Chile (La Tercera). This is perhaps due to the fact that apart from Chico Trujillo, he currently leads 3 other active bands, including the mega-popular bolero-inspired “El Bloque Depresivo”. As he and the band get ready to release their 6thstudio album – an all-hits collection of dance numbers recorded around the global over the last five years — they can now rightfully be called the grandfathers of the 21stcentury Cumbia resurgence.

But that doesn’t mean they are old!! While the current trends in both Anglo and Latin music are for bands at this stage in their career to just tour on their old records, Chico Trujillo is making their best original music yet. Their energy and creativeness boil over in the 11 tracks on their new aptly-titled record, Mambo Mundial, which sees them sharing the fun with cult collaborators from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, the USA, and their hometown of Valparaiso. It follows the mix of styles they’ve come to be known for – fast and crazy cumbias, psychedelic breakdowns, catchy instrumentals, dramatic ballads –while at the same time expanding into uncharted territories with new collaborations and even a hip-hop song.

The majority of the album was laid down at the legendary Funkhaus studios en Berlin (the old GDR broadcast headquarters) following their annual European tours, where the band would stay and record what they had been working on in their live sets. But pieces were also put together at different times on tour at the Rauchhaus in Berlin (with Stereo Total’s recording guru, Brezel), at Árbol Naranja in Bogotá, at El Crocodrilo Solitario studios (Panteón Rococó) in Mexico City, and at their own Perros con Tiña studio in Santiago, Chile. This global album follows their own tried and true (albeit unusual) approach to recording: having always considered themselves as a live band first and foremost, they’ve approached making records as more of a compilation of their recent hits written and recorded at various times on tour. That being said, they seem to be finally coming into their own in the studio, and this is truly their best and most cohesive record yet, proving that – like a good Chilean wine — they are just getting better with age.

And now with Mambo Mundial, the group that started their career by covering classic Colombian Cumbias, then exploded with their original hits like “Loca” and experimentations with different sounds and cultures in their more recent records, have now come full circle with their new album, 11 tracks of non-stop hits, from psychedelic to folk to hip-hop to boleros, but always based on what they’re best known for: cuuuuummmbiaaaaa!