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Cult of Luna

+ Support: BRUTUS & A. A. Williams

So 24



Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 20:00

Cult of Luna haben sich 1998 in der kleinen Schwedischen Stadt Umea gegründet, um von dort aus die Welt mit einer rauen, harten und zugleich emotionalen Vermengung verschiedenster Musikstile zu bereichern. Die Medien feiern sie als die erfolgreichsten Vertreter des Post Metals. Inzwischen blickt die Band auf sechs Longplayer-Veröffentlichungen zurück. Ihr letztes Album, welches sich an Fritz Langs Filmklassiker Metropolis orientiert, erschien Anfang 2013 über Indie Recordings und zeigte die Band klanglich reduzierter und stringenter als je zuvor.

+ Support: BRUTUS

Stefanie, Stijn and Peter teamed up to start Brutus in 2013. They all met while playing in different bands from the same region of Leuven (Belgium). In merging their different ideas and musical tastes they have formed a strong union, both musically and personally.
Drummer vocalist Stefanie mixes black-metal blast beats with math-rock flourishes whilst belting out the most impassioned vocals, shifting from deceptively melodic to out-right larynx-punishing in the blink of an eye. Guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden takes ethereal post-rock tones to hardcore punk levels of speed and energy aside Peter Mulders powerful sub-frequency shifts. It’s the way in which the band mixes post-rock construction, metal dynamics with hardcore energy and prog rock all the while lacing it with pure pop melodies that make Brutus‘ sound so unique and all their own.
Brutus‘ debut album BURST (2017) was released by Hassle Records in UK and Europe, and then later by Sargent House for USA and the rest of the World. In 2017-2018 they have toured extensively all over Europe, playing many large festivals as well as direct support to Russian Circles, Thriceand Chelsea Wolfe on their European tours.
With a new album slated for release in early 2019, they are ready for more. Trouble comes in threes, so does Brutus.