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Leroy Burgess Full Band, Theo Parrish, Specter

Family Reunion

Fr 11



Einlass: 19:30

Beginn: 21:00

Proudly presented by JAW Family x Sound Signature
In collaboration with Carhartt Work In Progress

Leroy BURGESS (Salsoul Records | NYC) Full Band
Leroy Burgess | vocals & keys
Olivier Soumali | keys
Julien Jussey | keys
Nicolas Mondon | guitar
Raphael Vallade | bass
Nicolas Taite | drums
Anthony Gatta | congas
Cindy Pooch | backing vocalist
Claudine Pauly | backing vocalist

DJ SET (before the concert)
Theo Parrish | Specter | J.A.W Family

Anyone who has witnessed Theo Parrish playing the music of Leroy Burgess on a proper sound system knows how powerful & joyful the experience can be. The NYC boogie maestro’s music seems to rarely leave Theo’s record bag and his influence on the Detroit producer/ DJ is undoubtable. Surprisingly both icons have never properly met in person or even shared the same bill. This is about to change. Joining forces with Mr. Parrish behind the decks is Chicago’s own Specter, responsible for a strong release on the Detroit label last year. Both will set the mood in the early evening together with yours truly.

The Boogie maestro is back in town after his debut back in 2017 with J.A.W. For those who still don’t know the man, Leroy Burgess is a NYC born and raised multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer, arranger and composer whose impact on the history of dance music, from the birth of house to the founding of boogie & disco, is beyond measure. Ask producers such as Theo himself, Larry Heard, Ron Trent, Dam Funk, Spinna, Little Louie Vega or Motor City Drum Ensemble what they think about the man. Take a random pile of underground disco and boogie vinyls from the late-1970s to mid-1980s and scan the credits. If you’re yet to find the name of Leroy Burgess by the time you reach your fiftieth album, consider yourself the victim of bad fortune. The discography of the man is far-reaching and iconic.

This year, Leroy Burgess will celebrate 50 years of music as he started to work with his first band Black Ivory and producer and friend Patrick Adams back in 1969. Collaborating with Patrick Adams, Inner Life, Aleems, Dazzle and Universal Robot Band & solo artists such as Eddie Kendricks, Rick James or Fonda Rae as well as his own iconic groups Convertion & LOGG which eponymous album is considered by many to be one of the best boogie – funk records ever made and a landmark release in the development of proto-house.

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*Full Festival Pass (Berlin only) includes entry to Berlin Black Jazz All-Stars & Leroy Burgess concerts as well as multiple entry to weekender at Griessmuehle
*Family Reunion Weekender Pass (Berlin only) includes multiple entry to weekender at Griessmuehle over the three days